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Where Am I NOW in This Health and Fitness Journey?

Where am I NOW in this health and fitness journey? That’s the big question since it was June when I last posted a blog entry. Honestly, I’m not sure where the time has gone! I write a lot in my head (more than you can imagine), it just doesn’t seem to make it on “paper.”  So let me begin by saying my philosophy and no-nonsense feelings about health and fitness HAVE.NOT.CHANGED! However, I believe I’ve learned  several things over the past 6 or 7 months that have helped me see some things differently and have effected the way I help others.

What Have I Learned?

I’ve learned and have seen more and more is that this journey is extremely individual and personal. There are so many factors that go into why a person struggles with this area of life. Fear of failure, food issues, past negative experiences, past successful approaches that no longer work, past failures, emotional issues, body image issues, and on and on and on!

I’ve learned that I love Crossfit! I’ve liked different forms of fitness at different stages on my journey. Early on, I liked working with a personal trainer, then I liked working out on my own in a traditional gym setting. I tried to like running (still do it, but don’t feel like I have to just love it any more); I like boot camp style workouts and even teach a boot camp. But now, in this season of life, I LOVE Crossfit. I like being coached (instead of always being the coach). I like learning new lifts. I like being pushed to do things I never thought I could do at 47 years of age, and I like the people I’ve met!

There is no RIGHT way to workout, and when I work with an individual, what I like doesn’t matter. I’ve learned that people need to find what they like regardless of what I like.

I’ve learned that I like to teach in person, in a group. When I decided to get my personal training certification, I had grand plans of helping individuals completely change their lives. I did do that initially and have some success stories, but what I quickly learned was that I didn’t like working one on one! I enjoy the group dynamics and energy of a boot camp style workout and the community that forms out of that. I’ve learned that I don’t enjoy writing workouts for on-line training clients. I’ve learned  there are some GREAT resources on the market that I can offer clients. I’ve learned that while I don’t like to workout at home, others love it!

I’ve learned that nutrition challenges have their place on this journey. I’ve shared challenges, have participated in them, and have had to learn their place; but, make no mistake, they do have a place. I’m seeing that more and more.

I’ve learned there are terrific tools on the market that I can add to my tool box without betraying what I’ve always believed. Just like there are multiple fitness methods and classes, there are multiple ways to get a handle on nutrition and weight loss.

Just like there are multiple fitness methods and classes, there are multiple ways to get a handle on nutrition and weight loss.

This past year, I’ve struggled with weight gain and keeping my nutrition on track. I’ve taught countless people how to have success on the scale using ‘MyFitnessPal’  but I’ve been struggling. I’ve learned I hate logging my food and trying to hit my macros. I discovered I needed a new tool to help me get myself back on track (more on that later).

I’ve learned  there are a LOT of products on the market that make a lot of claims. I’ve tried many of them. Before I hiked the Grand Canyon, I wanted to lose 10 pounds so I tried Isagenix for a month. I lost 10 pounds, but felt like I had the flu the whole time and felt like they made claims I could not stand behind. It was not for me. I have friends who promote Arbonne and I’ve tried some products, liked them just fine, but felt like that was not the line for me. I’ve blogged about not needing these products, and I don’t think they are a need, but I’ve learned, they have a place.

Where am I Now and Where am I Headed in My Health and Fitness Journey?

So….Where am I now in my health and fitness journey and where am I headed? I think I’m in a better place now than I’ve been in the past year because of all I’ve learned! For my own personal journey, I’ve learned that it’s ok to use a supplemental product to help me nutritionally where my diet falls short. I’ve learned that I can teach a boot camp, but attend Crossfit and I’m not doing anything wrong (crazy that I thought I was). I’ve learned that I can offer on-line clients great workouts by using some great products already on the market without re-inventing the wheel. I’ve learned it’s ok to promote a product that I like and can stand behind. For me, it’s about finding what helps an individual, not just selling a product. I love that I can help more people using all the resources and methods I’ve always used and I can add Beachbody and Shakeology to my tool box.

And the latest thing I’m learning is that French Women Don’t Get Fat and there is a host of lessons to learn from other cultures that don’t have the weight obsession issues that we Americans seem to have (but that’s a topic for another day, perhaps a book review in the near future).

Two things I know and that aren’t going to change:

  1. I love learning and will keep learning and sharing.
  2. I love helping people and will continue to do so in a way that best meets the needs and preferences of each individual!

I’d love your feedback and comments! Where are you at in your journey?

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