Talk to Yourself and Conquer Self-Doubt

As I read client emails this week, it struck me that we each have different obstacles and challenges in this healthy lifestyle journey. One person is just killing the workouts but is struggling with getting her nutrition in line with her goals. Another gal is writing awesome meal plans and is motivated in the kitchen but just can’t seem to get her body moving. In the wide variety of emails, texts, or Facebook messages I receive there is one common theme:  self-doubt. Let me tell you; I have been there and done that. I was over 170 pounds and didn’t think there was any way I could really get fit or maintain a healthy body weight for good. I’m here to tell you a few important messages you need to repeat to yourself often:

  • “I CAN do it!” No matter what “it” is, you can do it! When you tell yourself you can’t, you won’t.
  • “I WILL succeed!” You might have to make some big changes in your life to do it, but if you really want to, you will! People who act defeated will be defeated.
  • “I am AWESOME and worth all the effort it takes to make positive changes in my life!”  You are awesome because you are you, enjoy the journey.
  • “I can choose to be HAPPY right now!”  Even if you are not satisfied with where you are, choose to be happy right now. Dropping some weight or achieving some fitness goal will not make you happy. Happy people achieve goals.
  • “I need HELP!” It’s okay to need or want help! Recognizing that you need help and accountability is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s normal! Seek out someone you trust and who won’t judge you but will talk straight to you. It won’t do you any good to find someone to pool your excuses with.
  • “I am STRONG!” You are stronger than you think! Replace “I can’t” with “I’ll try” and I bet you will!

Conquering self-doubt is an emotional journey. We’re emotional beings and can’t ignore that part of the big picture. In the future I’ll tackle such issues as emotional eating, fear based living, and other emotional topics, but for today, leave self-doubt behind by changing how you talk to yourself.

Share what helps you keep from doubting yourself and your ability to succeed. I love hearing from you!

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2 Responses to Talk to Yourself and Conquer Self-Doubt

  1. Melissa Ray September 18, 2013 at 11:01 am #

    Your blogs keep getting better and better, Nancy. Thanks for the motivation!

    • Nancy September 18, 2013 at 11:59 am #

      Thank You, Melissa! Please share this with others who might find it helpful.

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