What Motivates You?

Let’s assume you want to make some changes in your lifestyle. First, you have to find your why and then you’ll find what motivates you.

What is motivation? How can you get motivated and why do you lose your motivation? Why do some people seem to have endless motivation and some have none?

Let’s look at what motivation is:

Motivation: The act or process of giving someone a reason for doing something. The condition of being eager to act or work. A force or influence that causes someone to do something  (Merriam-Webster dictionary).

Now that we know what it is, how does that translate into practical application for the person who wants to change his or her lifestyle?  Motivation is as personal as your finger print.  I did a poll with a group ladies to see what motivates them to come to boot camp three times a week.  Here are a few of the answers they gave me:

  • More energy
  • Feel better
  • My daughter
  • So I can eat what I want
  • Accountability
  • Emotional health
  • Fun
  • Paid for the class

You see, there wasn’t any one thing that was the magic motivator. Not one specific reason, condition, or influence to cause each class member to come week in and week out. What each answer has in common is that it addresses each individual’s why. One person’s why was to feel better but another’s was because she made a financial investment. What motivates one person may not motivate another at all! The trick it to find what motivates YOU!

If you feel like you’ve lost your motivation, revisit your why.

Find your own why. Look back and see what made you want change in the first place. When you get tired, get discouraged or frustrated, don’t see immediate results, or just get bored (and you will experience all of these), you can remember your why and renew your motivation. People who seem to have endless motivation have a big why! The bigger the why the more motivated you will stay. For me, I was over weight and felt like I was living life on the sidelines. I had 5  young children and an active husband. I had a hard time enjoying life. It was a big why! Once I changed my lifestyle, I got off the sidelines! That feeling motivates me to keep at it; to keep choosing to eat the right foods and to keep exercising, no matter how I feel at the moment. If you feel like you’ve lost your motivation, revisit your why.

If you don’t have a why, a reason to do what you’re doing, you’re not likely to stick with it. You’ll feel like you have no motivation. When you find your why, you’ll stay motivated and you’ll keep making the right choices, even when you’d rather hit the snooze button and skip a workout or eat an entire package of Oreo cookies.

Motivation is not guilt. If you are driven by guilt or punishment, you’ll have a miserable row to hoe. This is a big problem in the diet and fitness world and is a topic in and of itself for a later discussion.

Share what motivates you! I love hearing from you. Comment below or on twitter or Facebook! Be sure to share this with a friend, we can all use a little motivation!


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