Free Workout Sites – What You Need To Know

You’ve hit the jackpot! FREE workout plans on-line! In this age of information, there are many reputable fitness sites that are safe and effective, but you need to think about a few things before grabbing a workout and running with it.

Know Your Own Fitness Level

If you’re new to fitness or getting back into a fitness routine after years of doing nothing, be careful starting too much too quickly. A great workout may not be a  great workout for you if you need to work on basic functional movements first. It’s very important to establish good balance and stability before beginning a more strenuous exercise program. Jumping into a workout with both feet without preparing the body first can lead to unnecessary soreness,  frustration, discouragement, or possibly even injury.

Know Your Goals

If your goals are to gain muscle strength and definition, you’ll want to do a different kind of workout than someone who wants to prepare for a 5K or 1/2 marathon. You may find that you’re not achieving your goals if you’re just picking and choosing exercise plans randomly, even if you’re doing so from really great sites. Doing a little of this and a little of that will not help you grow and develop muscle strength and definition.; likewise, lifting heavy in the gym is not the best way to develop endurance for a long run.

Know What You Don’t Know

If you don’t know how to effectively build muscle, don’t be afraid to seek information specific to what you want to achieve. It’s better to know what you don’t know than to spend  a lot of time doing a workout that is not really helping you. If you don’t know how good balance effects muscle movement, learn before you take on more than your body is ready for. It’s important to know that exercise is progressive, not knowing that can lead to frustration when you don’t see the results you want.

Avoid Crazy Claims

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Six Pack in 6 Weeks is probably not going to happen for you if you are 50 pounds over weight and think doing 6 ab exercises a day for 6 weeks is going to give you a 6 pack. There is nothing wrong with doing good ab exercises, but you may not get the outcome you are looking for.

Form Matters

Any time you exercise, form matters. Whether you’re a beginner just getting off the couch or a seasoned weight lifter who’s been in the gym for years. Good form yields good results and helps prevent injury. When getting a workout on-line, make sure there are good demonstrations of what the exercise should look like, what you should feel while performing the exercise, ways to modify the exercise if you need to develop more strength to do it correctly, and cues to help keep your body in check. Just a list of exercises on a cute background is probably not the best choice.

Nutrition is Still Key

All the workouts in the world will not do for you what great nutrition will do. Just no getting around that fact. If you’re really wanting to see fitness results, seek out good nutritional advise as well.

Some Good Sites

Some good sites that have video demos and nutritional support are BodyBuilding.com and Fitness Blender. There are probably many others, but these two come to mind immediately when I think of good sites with helpful information concerning both fitness and nutrition.

Have you been using a website for free workouts? What sites have you found helpful? Share your comments below, on Twitter or Facebook! I love hearing from you. Above all, remember, it’s  not about a diet or a workout, it’s about the LIFESTYLE!

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