#findyourfitness has been my tag line all year. For me, my fitness is Crossfit. Little did I know I was going to have to #findmyfitness before the year was over.

As I have gotten older, I’ve noticed my body doesn’t always cooperate with me. About 2 1/2 year ago, I started doing Crossfit. I fell in love with it immediately. The challenge, the weight lifting, the community and new friends I’ve made. I love improving my time, getting stronger and improving my lifts. I love that my husband and I workout together; I love it ALL. But then….

My Back

Last July, I noticed my back was hurting and figured I just pulled something so some time off would fix it. It didn’t. I nursed it along for 6 months and it just did not get better. In fact, it got worse. I couldn’t run at all, and was in pain most of the time. Not debilitating pain, but hurting. It was time to see a doctor and was told I have bulging and displaced discs in my arthritic lumbar spine. WHAT? How could that be? I was strong, active, and loved what I was doing. Two rounds of 16 pain injections in my spine and physical therapy gave some relief but the problem is not fixed. I still can’t run but I can row and bike, still have to be very careful lifting but I am back to lifting and the constant pain is gone. Thankfully, I didn’t have to find a new fitness, after all, I have found my fitness. 

My Shoulder

Nine years ago I had a labral tear repaired in my right shoulder. After a year of wondering if I would ever be normal, I felt good. In fact, I felt great and when I started Crossfit, I didn’t have any problems with it and it was strong. About 6 weeks ago, that strong shoulder started hurting and then giving out when I would do certain lifts and movements. I rested, did some rehab exercises, lightened my lifts and went about my business. My shoulder had other plans. On Labor Day, doing a partner workout with my husband at Crossfit, my shoulder decided it was DONE. After many rounds of kettle bell swings, sit ups and what ended up being 1 armed burpees, I realized I had to have my shoulder checked.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, a doctor’s visit, and an MRI later – my shoulder is not in good shape. The MRI didn’t show a new tear, but the doctor is pretty sure I have a subscapular tear and said no more lifting. Again, my response was WHAT? That’s what I do! The MRI showed significant deterioration of soft tissue in the shoulder which may well have a genetic component. The bottom line, no more heavy lifting. Period. We decided an injection to settle down the pain was a good place to start and I am going to continue to do the rehab exercises using the Crossover Symmetry program, but my barbell days are probably over. It was a real blow. I’m only 49 years old, have been getting stronger and now my body is betraying me.

My Tag Line

So, with that background of the last year, you can see my tag line:  #findyourfitness, has me needing to find my fitness. I love Crossfit and will continue to be in that gym but it won’t be the same. The doctor suggested I take up swimming or cycling. I’m sure there are people out there who love those activities, but I’m not one of them. It may seem silly, but there is a grieving that takes place when something that is such a big part of your life if suddenly missing. A mourning. When I gave up running a year ago, I struggled to find something that gave me that same outlet. I’m going to have trouble finding something to fill the weight lifting void too. It’s just how it is, but I will find my fitness.

I have to remind myself that I workout to stay fit, healthy, strong, and in shape. I want to age well. When what I’m doing takes me away from that goal, I have to re-evaluate and find what will take me down that healthy, strong, active path.

If you’ve had to make changes in your routine due to injury, or if you are a coach potato who doesn’t like to workout but know you should, or if you’ve tried various activities that you just haven’t like, to YOU (and to me) I say #findyourfitness and GO DO IT!

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