We understand that a Boys’ Latin education is a significant investment in a student’s future. 

We are committed to building a diverse community of engaged, passionate boys and young men. 感谢jdb夺宝捐助者的慷慨支持, a Boys' Latin education is accessible to a wide range of 人才ed students who enrich our community in multifaceted ways.  We hope the information below regarding tuition assistance merit scholarships is helpful in navigating this important part of the school search process. If you have any questions, please reach out to Hunt Heffner, director of enrollment management at hheffner@completelifestylechange.com


$22,800 幼儿园/ PRE-1
$28,100 1 - 5年级
$30,800 6 - 8年级
$32,800 9 - 12年级
$48,500 寄宿9 - 12


We know that tuition is a significant investment and that families do their best to support their son’s education, 在他们有能力的范围内.  Families seeking tuition assistance apply for financial aid by submitting an application through School and Student Services (SSS) by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS).  The School’s Tuition Assistance Committee determines awards based on demonstrated need.

2020-2021年,Boys ' Latin获得了超过4美元的奖励.为300多名符合条件的学生提供500万美元的助学金. We encourage you to learn more about the process of applying for assistance below. 



Boys’ Latin is proud to offer both merit and need-based scholarships to boys who qualify each year and who embody the values and mission of The Boys’ Latin School of 马里兰. 

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